Everything changed when our king sought a way to avoid war. He wanted to be at peace with the Holy Roman Empire and became a Christian. He abandoned the teachings of the nature, he lost his way and we became preys. We became witches, sorceresses, foul spawns of the devil himself just because we did not leave our rituals behind.

They hunted us.

But the mother nature did not left us helpless. She kept on evening the odds, maintaining the balance. She gave us shelter among the woods, healed our wounds with fresh waters, sallied our hearts with mountain breeze.

Once we were mere lambs, but then, we became wolves.

Name: Jungfrûn
Short (4:40)
Genre: Fantasy / Epic

2.35:1 | 24fps

Jungfrûn is an animated short film with fantasy/epic setting. Story takes place on a fantasy Nordic realm, where the Roman Church oppresses Pagan people to give up their traditions. Whilst Romans accuse and murder innocent women as Witches, one woman tries to make a stand.

Written & Directed by: Meriç Batuhan Çil
Powered by:
Unreal Engine 4
Published by: Umber Forge Studios